Why Most Social Strategies Fail

When I ask people what their social business strategy looks like, I usually get the following response, ”Oh yeah, we’re on Facebook.” The conversation continues apace:

– Twitter account…check.
– YouTube videos….yup.
– People who seem to know what they doing with those accounts…kinda.

Well this article is less focused on arts use of social media but it is still a good article focusing on social media. It talks about and explains the difference between just having social media platforms and actually using them and using them effectively. Now if you are more businesses focused type this article could be use to really helpful for you keeping your small business in the loop. Sadly the survey that came with the link is no longer  there so you cant try it if you wanted to or if you wanted to put your small business to the test. but the survey focused on:

  • Strategy: What are common goals and objectives? How do you measure the value of your social business efforts?
  • Organization: How are your social business efforts organized? How many people are dedicated to social business?
  • Budget: How much are you spending on external and internal social business efforts? What are you planning to spend on technologies and services in 2013?
  • Social Media Policies: What policies do you have in place? How well do employees understand those policies?

here is the article

by Kevin Mclaughlin


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