Facebook copies the #Hashtag

In my opinion, I don’t know why its taken them this long to catch on. I’m not sure it will be as effective as Instagram or twitter due to the more intricate privacy settings, but for a company that is all about money this is their next step. Facebook believes adopting the hashtag will get users to stay logged in longer and look at advertisements. In this article Peter Weber explains further.


-Jessica Kennedy


One thought on “Facebook copies the #Hashtag

  1. Thanks for adding an article explaining this new change coming to Facebook. I’ve heard a bit about it, and was confused as I still don’t completely get the hashtag. I found it interesting that Twitter has no claim to the symbol, I assumed that everything nowadays had rights to it, and that the hashtag belonged to twitter. I love how the article says, “Remember, Twitter: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Because I feel that Twitter must be agitated at it’s competitor’s implementation of the symbol they’re known for. They probably feel that they should have gotten rights to the symbol.
    -Jordan Moore

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