Teens’ Nude Photos From Snapchat Lead to Investigation by Camille Bautista

I decided to post this article because I think it takes an important look at part of social media that is really dangerous. While snapchat seems like a harmless and “Smart” way to send these type of pictures because they are instantly deleted. I do think that it is important to see what type of charges you could be charged with for doing something that may seem innocent. Check out the full article and some interesting facts HERE!!

-Mike Taylor


2 thoughts on “Teens’ Nude Photos From Snapchat Lead to Investigation by Camille Bautista

  1. I agree, snap chat users don`t always realize that there picture don’t instantly delete. The snap chat app is held onto all the pictures. I think that it should make people worry, they should make sure they aren`t posting anything bad. It also makes me think where do all the pictures go and be stored after they are taken.

    Lauren Hopper

  2. The snap chat app has definitely made it seem less dangerous and okay to send nude pictures to someone because it is not easy for them to save it to their device. However, not many people realize that the pictures they take do not disappear into oblivion forever. The creators of the snap chat app most likely have access to these photos, so the person they send it to might not be the only one who sees it. And with people younger and younger owning phones, it’s certainly something to be concerned about.

    Nicole Romeo

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