What We Still Don’t Know: “Are We Real?”

Picture 1

This video is long. I don’t expect people to watch the whole thing.

What I’m going to post today is more about how the internet gives us access to many articles, and videos of information in order for us to further our knowledge, question what we know, and don’t know, change and shape our beliefs and develop our personhood. Thus the video about our origins, to learn hear and think about the question that is imbedded into our brains.

As a lover of both science and spirituality I find this video really great because it shows both sides, and tries to marry the two together.

The internet gives us the ability to change who WE are as human beings by giving us access to information that can change our ideas. Our personhood is shaped by our beliefs. This video in particular is about the formation of our existence as human beings. It discusses evolution, and creationism. Both contrasting ideas, yet more than likely you hold to one belief or the other. People try to argue, in attempts to validate their stance but what we still don’t know however is how we came about. No one can be 100% sure. Either side requires large amounts of faith.

The internet gives us the ability to shape, mould, develop and share our ideas in attempts to understand life.

The internet is a beautiful tool to stretch ones mind.



Video found on YouTube.

Post By : Becky Plungis


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