Social Media Verbs

“Like,” “share,” and “recommend”: How the warring verbs of social media will influence the news’ – Joshua Benton


The verbs of Social Media – Amy Guth

How Social Media is Changing the English Language (and Why it Matters to Marketers) – Alex Brown

six verbs of the web” – Kevin Kelly – online dictionary of internet lingo


One thought on “Social Media Verbs

  1. Hey great post! I think it is awesome that you found a great video that is relevant to the project that we are working on. I was having trouble thinking about a verb to use but this was helpful to look at other verbs from different views. One thing that I did get a kick out of was the topic when he spoke about young children that can use iPad, iPods, and iPhones I alway get such a kick out of this whenever I am working. I work at a restaurant and I always see kids using iPads with no problem, opening closing apps, playing games, and taking pictures and editing them! These type of things are showing how technology is really spreading to every age group and how all ages interact with technology and largely the internet!
    -Mike Taylor

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