‘Harlem Shake’ arrives on Egypt Islamists’ doorstep

A dance craze that began in an Australian teenager’s bedroom landed on the doorstep of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Thursday, with dozens of protesters doing the “Harlem Shake” outside the ruling Islamists’ Cairo headquarters

The Harlem shake is obviously the new viral craze today (if its not already out). But I came across this video from an article that was posted earlier and I think it’s amazing how much influence social media has on the world. I also think it’s interesting that they took the Harlem shake and repurposed it.



2 thoughts on “‘Harlem Shake’ arrives on Egypt Islamists’ doorstep

  1. Wow how amazing it is the way that trends can travel online now. Viral videos like the harlem shake craze are now inspiring people across the globe in productive ways like protesting to the government. I love that the ones that were interviewed explained that they were just out to have a good time and that they realize that traditional picketing isn’t as effective anymore, and that they were basically looking for a new way to get attention. I think it obviously worked if we’re here in America hearing about their creative use of a viral trend. It also makes other countries more relatable to see what a great time they’re having just dancing around being silly.

    -Jordan Moore

  2. EVERYONE is doing a Harlem Shake video, including my local Stop & Shop. While it may be on the way out now, it’s funny to see how each one puts their own spin on it. Also, I agree with how incredible it is that what catches on here has the ability to spread across the globe so quickly after a few clicks of the mouse.

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