Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Amanda Palmer, musician and street performer asks for favors from fans and strangers via twitter and in person. Is Amanda really begging or are we so independent that we are afraid to ask others for help? Interesting concept.

Watch here.


One thought on “Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

  1. I really enjoyed the video, especially its message of asking. Asking for something can be a very hard thing for many people. I can only speak from my own experiences, and I can tell you that asking for help takes a lot of getting used to. I believe that it is the feeling of being vulnerable or embarrassment that stops people from asking for help. The ability to make a connection and say thank you, face to face in a sincere way, is what I most appreciate about the video. Amanda connected with her fans and asked for help, whether it be money, a warm meal, or housing that she needed. She has found a connection with people and that is real.
    Iñaki O.

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