The 10 Coolest YouTube Art Channels By Nick Schonberger

This article I discovered lists ten awesome YouTube channels which main focus is art. For instance, if a viewer wants to see an interview with an artist or missed a particular exhibition they were dying to see, they can check it out on YouTube no problem! I thought it was interesting because before outlets like YouTube, if a person could not make it to see an artist perform or check out their gallery, they were pretty much out of luck. Now, having a resource like this opens up a lot of doors for not only artists, galleries, and museums but the viewer as well. The article explains…

Art video on the web has exploded over the past few years. Once just a bunch of PBS rips, we now have in-depth and original content spanning a number of genres and locations world wide. Can’t make it that exhibition you’re dying to view? No problem, there is a walk through on YouTube.

You can read more here!

Posted by Nicole Romeo


3 thoughts on “The 10 Coolest YouTube Art Channels By Nick Schonberger

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  2. It’s true, it is great that we have access to so many things via the internet, for example viewing an art show we wanted to see but couldn’t go in person for whatever reason. Though the ability to see an art show via video is great, and helps promote the artists work all the more, as a viewer you can not truly experience a painting, drawing, sculpture, or installation without being there in person. A video camera can never capture something grand and produce an overwhelming like the one you would get when standing in front of a 10 ft tall chuck close painting admiring the detail, even though it gives you the opportunity to see it. While video via internet can share information it can not truly produce the same feeling as being physically present. Nice post.

    Post By :Becky Plungis

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