Now, I’ve never really been a cat enthusiast but this info-graphic is AWESOME.

Using the same subject, cats, all social media platforms that we know and maybe even use, are explained by their specific uses. Facebook, to “like” things, Twitter to update what you’re doing every five seconds, and etc. In a short little explanation you can pretty much just get the jist of the main, most popular things you are able to do using these platforms.

I am a very visual person, a visual learner, therefore this info-graphic has just enough image and detail to get the message across! This was created by Avalaunch Media, involved in marketing and advertising services, who makes very many other info-graphics. Here’s their website!

Link to the article web page:


Lindsay Hopkins




  1. I think this infographic is genius. As someone who has been brought up with cats for most of my life, I’ve always been a fan of them. However, I have noticed that it has become relatively “cooler” to like cats recently. I remember getting made fun of in grade school for wearing a sweatshirt with cats on it, and now cats and other pets are such a iconic part of the internet. You can walk into clothing stores and see tons of “hipster” cat sweaters and shirts, which weren’t “cool” until recently. Being a “crazy cat lady” is becoming a fad, and most social medias can be tied to that fact, as people are using them to showcase their cats or any other pet.

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