SimpleWash, the Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Facebook Page

That’s why we were stoked to find SimpleWash, a new app designed to quickly make your profiles squeaky clean. It scans all the content on yourFacebook profile — including comments by other people on photos or posts — and detects keywords that might be associated with things you don’t want a potential employer seeing (drugs, alcohol, profanities, and the like).

I think this new app can be beneficial and it’s probably something I need to do. The only known flaw with this app so far is that it only detects words not your actual pictures. But I still think it could be a very helpful app.


2 thoughts on “SimpleWash, the Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Facebook Page

  1. This is really cool! Good finddd! I’ve been wondering what in the world to do with my Facebook and everything once I graduate in May. It creeps me out that anybody can see anything. I might try this out though. I just don’t want to delete my pictures I have on my Facebook, but nor do I want to print them all out in order to be able to save them. If only employers looked past our social media lives/college lives. Have you or anyone you know tried this app??

    Lindsay Hopkins

  2. This looks like a fantastic app, and may have to use it when I graduate as well – just to scrub anything I may have missed when I cleaned mine up a while ago. I’m not really concerned with preserving anything that may be deemed inappropriate to a potential employer. But I also do not have the time to go through however many years of content has been stored on my FaceBook. This is extremely cool and can be very helpful to many.

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