Introduction to QR Codes

Personally I never use QR codes, because whenever I do my phone takes longer to read the code than it does to Google whatever it is I was trying to link to. But, this article explains everything QR code, what they’re good for, how you can use them as a promotional tool etc.

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-Jessica Kennedy


One thought on “Introduction to QR Codes

  1. I think QR codes are a very good way to market yourself and they are interactive enough to get your audience involved with out too much of a hassle. The only problem for now is the fact that you have to download a separate app to read the codes, and your right it does take forever to load and most of the time redirects you and switches from the app to the internet. Very annoying! On the other hand the code brings you to the correct site so there are no mix-ups on Google. Special Promotions using QR codes are also a plus. I recently learned that you can set the code up to bring you to a hidden section on the website.

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