Street gangs recruiting, intimidating, on social media

This article/video was a little scary, but now you can not only do your banking, shopping and such online but you can now become part of a gang. The article states that everything else is being doing online, so it’s only a natural progression for gang activity to also occur online. Gangs are targeting their victims on social media sites, making this a new form of cyberbullying. Gangs are videotaping beatings of their victims as their gang initiation. SCARY.

Read full article here.


One thought on “Street gangs recruiting, intimidating, on social media

  1. This type of stuff if really just scary. I always have a hard time understanding why some people are the way they are. I like the way you state “its natural progression” I think this is very odd that not just you but i see this as natural progression. It is almost as if we dismiss it, not that it isn’t wrong but almost like oh I could have seen that coming. I see stuff about this on tv kind of frequently so this whole cyber bullying thing doesnt strike me as too new, but the thought that gangs are actually recruiting and using social media to show off their initiations and beating is really new to me. Great article and video really got me thinking.
    Michael Taylor

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