Social media small business

alphasearchmarketing. youtube. How to use Social Media for Small media. 2010.

The video, talks about how to social media for small business. That small business should have blogs, twitters, and other social media. I think it is interesting to use videos to express what there videos are needed for. They also used students to take pictures of their small business and had them talk about their experience and what they enjoyed from it. He talks about you should do something amazing and spread the word about their business. Lastly, fill out real information about yourself, it’s okay to make it funny and personal.

By Lauren Hopper



One thought on “Social media small business

  1. In today’s society, using social media to get your small business up and running is a great tool. In our technology-crazed world, the way most people find out about things is by discovering it on the web. While many small business also like to get a commercial running on TV or an ad in the local newspaper, getting most people’s attention involves some type of social media. The video makes a great point on how people should go about spreading the word about their business as well as how to connect with our current society. Technology IS quickly becoming the largest part of not only our world today, but the future generations to come.

    Posted by Nicole Romeo

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