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Blind Artist

I don’t understand how this video got two dislikes. People are crazy. Ok so This video is just one that is truly inspiring. I posted a video a few weeks back about a blind man talking about how color makes no sense to him. This man has a different story. If you are a painter or an artist for that matter this is just going to blow your mind. Such an inspiring story of one man who went blind but uses the sense of touch to make paintings. He discovered that the different colors feel differently, like burnt siena is chunky, white is thick, and black is smooth and he paints entirely by how the colors feel. It’s truly remarkable that this man is able to make these paintings as if he has 20/20 vision. I think that this goes to show that the human spirit can transcend any kind of difficulty and triumph over all odds. He says painting brings him peace and makes him calm. I don’t know about you but I think if I were to paint with my eyes closed not only would the painting become a huge mess, but I would get really frustrated and annoyed. How this man is able to remain calm, and have the desire to paint is a beautiful thing, and to see the work that he creates is even more beautiful. Truly inspiring.

Video found on YOUTUBE.

Post By Becky Plungis


One thought on “Blind Artist | Art Therapy | Video | Veria Living

  1. This video reminds me of people who use other parts of their body to paint like feet and their teeth. This just shows that no matter what people obstacles are they can still overcome them. That even people can`t see can still make art with touch. I think it is crazy that he can mix colors, so well even though he can`t see it. I wonder how he is able to make sure that he is painting the colors in the right spot.
    By Lauren Hopper

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