Why Did Social Media Fail On Xbox Live?

As my brother is a HUGE avid gamer, I always had questioned whether or not the addiction to gaming is similar to social media. The concepts are much alike. In gaming you can be whoever you wish, create friends, and communicate over digital means that don’t require face to face interaction. One would think that social media and gaming could be a match made in heaven, however this  article on gameinformer poses the question of why Microsoft stopped their attempts to combine Twitter and Facebook with xbox live. Many comments discuss users opinions on why they do or do not believe social media can work with gaming.

I think that social media failed on Xbox Live because Xbox Live IS social media. I believe that gaming is an entire new level of creating a persona. As some can act different online than they would in person, gaming brings being a different person to a whole new level. In a game you are already emerged into a different world, being a different character in a different setting with goals and tasks to complete. Unlike on facebook or twitter you’re still yourself, just online. Addiction to social media stems from social acceptance. The more friends you have the more popular you are, the better you look online. Similar to the gaming world, the better you are, the more you’re liked and admired, and the more you will play to earn that acceptance. I believe gaming and social media are very similar, and countless simile’s can be drawn between them.


2 thoughts on “Why Did Social Media Fail On Xbox Live?

  1. I completely agree, Xbox Live is a form of social media. I know many people who become a completely different “persona” when they log on, from the creation of their avatar to the way they interact with people over Xbox when they play the game. It is it’s own form of social media. It is the same as being on Facebook or Twitter, a person can be completely themselves or put on a facade for other people.
    Also, many people never downloaded Facebook and other social media means on their Xbox as well, it was not very popular. A – it’s a pain in the butt to use those sites on Xbox, especially if you do not have a keyboard. It’s 10x faster to just update your social media through your phone or computer than it is to attempt to type with the controller. B – most gamers use their Xbox for just that, GAMING.

  2. I also agree that the gaming platforms are their own form of social media and should be treated as such. The online communities that they form are easily manage through the games themselves. Most games have a well built friend system, and from there have a even large clan or guild system you can be a part of. With this gamers can be part of larger group of hundreds of players and keep up with their leaders, the groups movements and popular discussions. A feature that I recommend Microsoft looking into is including social media to help people find their friends in games. A great example of this is Starcraft, a RTS computer game. This game links its account to facebook and will recommend the gamer tags of your friends on facebook if you aren’t already friends in the game. I actually found one of my friends play this game this way and we have enjoy playing Starcraft since. So I think a feature like this would help but I agree trying fuse it would be unsuccessful.

    by Kevin Mclaughlin aka David

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