Tabeso App

Tabeso! I was playing around on YouTube, searched “social media,” and found “Kids Think Social Media Is Stupid.” I thought it was absolutely hilarious and it led me to this amazing video of this new app called “Tabeso.”

It’s an app solely based on events, event planning, sharing events, and the actual action of buying tickets to an event you’d like to go to. You can follow community sports teams, events in your town, your state, event your country, or others!

This idea is absolutely genious and I feel like I’ve subconsiucsly always wanted this to be invented. Being a communications major, I’ve been interested in public relations, event planning, and advertising. This is just perfect! Facebook was great for events but we only heard of events that our friends went to or shared on their own. Now, through one tiny FREE app, we’re able to do anything event-wise!

Everybody please check out this video! Anddddd if you like the idea…. it is now available in the iTunes Store for FREE!!

Let me know what you all think about it!

Here’s the website:

Posted By: Lindsay Hopkins


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