Have you commented on a column today?

Read the article by Lucy P. M. on LinkedIn

This article discusses how much the comment section can enhance the understanding of online articles. This is one thing the Internet has changed for the sharing of news and information, it’s now an interaction instead of an independent discovery. It’s definitely true that some people leave negative comments if they don’t like an article, but when people disagree it makes them think about the article differently and get more out of it. Good discussions come from disagreements. The author mentions that on LinkedIn, the comments are pretty positive because it’s a professional site and people not only are conscious of their professionalism but they are posting comments to potentially gain network connections. If you say something smart or interesting, someone might take notice and send you a connection request, opening up their professional network to you.


Post by Jordan Moore


2 thoughts on “Have you commented on a column today?

  1. This is definitely an interesting way of looking at the negativity proposed in many comments over the internet. So many people today have very conflicting opinions on any given subject whether it be politics or a new style trend. But it’s very true in saying that opposing to a certain subject, opinion, or even just a plain statement, can open up a whole new way of thinking about that topic. It shows the conflicting side, the opposite view, which sometimes broadens somebody’s opinion, specifically the author themselves, enough to change their mind or at least be accepting to that point of view.

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