Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

This video is about marketing offline or online, how they are different. They show how marketing offline can cost more money, but are beneficial to your product. While online cost less, but can take more time to get the product out to others. Personally I think if you have a store using online marketing can be the best option. Using the internet to market yourself can be difficult, but using the most sites you can and getting your product out there can make it all worth it in the end. Many people commented at the end of the youtube video that they ended up making money using an internet marketing plan.

By Lauren Hopper


2 thoughts on “Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  1. That was very informative video that I found extremely helpful. The video helps me put marketing using social media into prospective. Overall I think videos are a great tool in the social media world. Social media has something new to offer everyday, but I think a visual presence is important. Videos are a very good way to spread the word about your business without physically being there. And as he explained in the video, have a positive impact on businesses.

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