Artist Embarks on Quest to Photograph All 788 of His Facebook Friends

So last week or so I actually watched this video that my friend had posted on her own facebook. She is friends (in real life, too!) with CT Artist, Ty Morin, the creator of this amazing project. The short snippet of the trailer for this film is awesome itself. I can’t wait til it actually is finished. I think it’s such a creative idea to actually meet and greet every single Facebook friend of his. We are all amazing and interesting and different in our own ways, and to capture each and every one of his friends through this project and turn it into a documentary is beyond anything that I have ever come up with. Nowadays we have all these “friends” on Facebook that we either never talk to, barely talk to, barely know, or don’t know at all. We hide in our own definitions of what the internet really is, hide behind it and stick in our own world. We never communicate like we used to, meet people face to face, talk to people over the phone, in person, or send letters in the mail. I think this idea of meeting all of his friends in their own homes, featuring certain special and important aspects of their life, will change the way we look at our “friends.” Because, in reality, no pun intended, but are they really even our friends? I think after Ty completes his project, the photos, video and documentary, he really will have 788 real friends, on facebook at least, no uincluding any off of facebook.

So, check out the teaser video and let me know what you think! There’s a link on the page I linked below that sends you to his donation page to help fund his trip if you’d like to contribute to making this possible!

Posted By: Lindsay Hopkins


4 thoughts on “Artist Embarks on Quest to Photograph All 788 of His Facebook Friends

  1. That’s really awesome and very very gutsy! I can imagine that, like she explains in the video, talking to people that you haven’t seen in a long time is a bit awkward, never mind spending AT LEAST an hour with them to take their photo with an old camera. I must say though that things like these are good proof that we as a younger generation are aware that social media is changing our lives, and it’s not necessarily for the better. The fact that we are aware of these uprising consequences of social media is good though, and young kids like him who want to promote the idea of knowing who you’re “friends” with is quite amazing.

  2. wow! This sounds amazing. What a great vision. Stuff like this makes me kind of at a loss for words because the passion behind it kind of stumps anything that could be said in response. But what I can say is that I am stoked to see this project come to life. I love that this guy is from Connecticut… represent! And I also love that his guy had such a unique project idea and goal. As a person who would rather go back to sending letters and having them be waited on with anticipation, I love that this guy is actually wanting to take the time….3 years to go out and meet and spend time with and photograph each one of his facebook friends and have some nice old school relationships and normal human interaction like the kind we had when we were kids when people actually talked to each other and weren’t afraid of the telephone…. This is seriously an inspiring project that I hope is able to make it to completion. As of today his project goal has been meet and exceeded the $5,000 he was hoping to raise. I think this is proof that people want to be a part of something that is larger than themselves….Thanks for posting.

  3. So cool! I just saw his story on the news. Social media has a lot of power, I think it’s awesome that people are able to donate to his project and that he has already made his goal of $5,000. It’s such a great idea to go out and actually take the time to interact with his “friends” face to face, to redefine the meaning of a friend. He estimated 3 years to complete this project, which seems like a long time in the social media world, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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