A Life on the Streets, Captured on Twitter

Find out how Derrick Wiggins, a 44 year-old homeless man in NYC, uses twitter as a way to communicate with those that are willing to listen.  The article describes a program where the homeless are given prepaid cell phones so that they have the ability to tweet about their every day struggles.


Click here to find out more and read Corey Kilgannon’s full article in the NY Times.


Iñaki O.


2 thoughts on “A Life on the Streets, Captured on Twitter

  1. That’s a great article, Iñaki. I think it’s really important for people to know what the homeless go through. We can forget about them in Connecticut where we hardly see them but when we visit cities it’s a scary reminder of how people are living. They are no different and deserve understanding and respect for what they go through. I went to see a speaker a few years ago that was from a homeless shelter in Danbury, and she explained how she worried for the homeless that she got to know over the years, and would go to check on them in the winter at sites she knew they stayed if they didn’t show up at the shelter. She said most homeless people die in the winter from not having shelter – it was an eyeopener, very sad. This twitter account seems to already be helping people view a homeless life, but it’s great too that it’s helping Mr. Wiggins by providing listeners.

    -Jordan Moore

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