10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event!

So, I guess this would have been really beneficial to find and post before our persona project. BUT! Now looking at this, after the project, it shows me other ways I could have gone about the project. The first tip, 1. Create Video People Will Share: I think that was a great start to it, and defintely pulled me right in. It’s so easy to just show a short video promoting a cause, a company, or movement, and people ALWAYS share all over facebook and twitter to promote and support whatever the video may be about. I think it is very important to share specifics and a video is an awesome tool to get a message across. I, myself, would rather watch a short video than read 5 paragraphs. After a while, I’d end up moving on unless it REALLY caught my attention at the beginning.

Incentives are also probabaly one of the best ways to get a young crowd involved and aware. Through programs that our Resident Directors had in our dorms in college, almost always they would put “FREE FOOD” and know that it was most likely the only way that they’d get a good turn out. When the word “FREE” is posted anywhere, it catches immediate attention. So the second tip mentioning a ticket giveway to create a buzz, more and more people will share to get the word out even more.

So Many More Tips: Read Here for the Full Story!

Posted By: Lindsay Hopkins


2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote an Event!

  1. Well, this would have been incredibly helpful for the last project! I agree, I think a short video to promote an event is extremely useful, and can be more eye catching than a flyer or reading a bio about the upcoming event. The twitter widget could have also helped for promotion. This is a really good article for future reference if we ever need to do this again for school or our own personal events.
    At Eastern, in my major, we also found the only way to get people to attend events to give away something free, whether it be food or clothing items.
    A lot of this would have been difficult for an online event, but advertising a give-away or something would probably get people to attend the events. Good find with this article.

    Tiffany Calkins

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