Mark Zuckerberg to Sergey Brin: ‘I Can’t Wait for Google Glass’

Read the whole article by Chris Taylor on mashable 

If you haven’t heard of Google’s new invention, Google Glass, you should check it out. It’s basically a pair of “glasses” with a point of view camera. This is going to revolutionize blogging and the online experience altogether. Most people also know that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook, and Google do not want to mix their business plans. They are competitors – Google wants the user base and interaction that facebook has within their own platform, Google+. Because of this, it’s interesting to note that Zuckerberg is still open to innovation and is openly excited about Google’s advancement. In fact he wants to develop future facebook apps to put Google Glass to use. Can’t wait, I think I would have a lot of fun with a pair of them.


Post by Jordan Moore


2 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg to Sergey Brin: ‘I Can’t Wait for Google Glass’

  1. I think it is funny how public they make the competition between the two rival companies. I would like to see how these glasses really work and if they actually do what they are meant to. The idea seems cool even though i am not to into blogging I do love technology. I wish that there was more to read about the rued in this article because I think that is one of the most interesting things. Competition is what makes giant companies like these better, or worse. Hopefully the product does well and it reaches its intended user and makes a giant evolution for social networking and bogging.
    -Mike Taylor

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