The Pinterest Guide to Selling Art Online by theabundantartist

This article I found is about how artists can use the popular website Pinterest to sell their art online. These are some suggestions the article gives on how to get your name out there and sell your art properly using Pinterest:

  • Complete your profile. People are going to want to know more about you. Add a link to your artist website as well!

  • Pin regularly. Like other social media, it’s best to pin steadily over time, instead of in huge spurts with big gaps in between.

  • Add prices! If you sell prints online or other low-price items, then adding a price to your pins will display a banner on the item, letting people know your work is for sale.

  • Share other people’s pins as well as your own images. This will bring more attention and help you build community.

With such a wide user-base, Pinterest can be a great tool for artists looking to sell their pieces. However, everything comes with pros and cons so it’s always a good idea to do your research before you get started! You can read more of this article here.

Posted by Nicole Romeo


2 thoughts on “The Pinterest Guide to Selling Art Online by theabundantartist

  1. This article was very interesting to me. It gets very into depth of the pros and cons of using pinterest to sell your art. For one its free! But everyone at the current time can just use images posted to pinterest. I have always seen people use facebook pages, deviantart, and ebay to sell the art work. I know a lot of people who use ebay for the money and shipping transaction. That may be a good idea but ebay will take a share of what you sell. If you are just starting out then that may be almost everything that you sold the artwork for. Pinterest makes it more personable because you can talk to people. If I did not learn anything from this project for this class, was that word of mouth or direct contact will guarantee better results. Social media is great but works best in conjunction with many things. Pinterest is definitely one of them.

    Posted by Brian Hays

  2. This is fantastic! If I was selling art this would definitely be a route I would look at. Like Brian said, it’s free! Pinterest does have a very wide user base so it could absolutely work. And even if it doesn’t work to actually sell the artwork, it will help get your art out! I find all kinds of things on Pinterest, just i’m sure as everyone else, things I would never have looked at prior.

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