Rebecca Marino Quits Tenis Following Attacks on Social Media by Samantha Murphy

I chose to do this article almost as a follow up to the one I did about internet trolling. This article is about Tennis all star Rebecca Marino quitting the sport of tennis as a whole because of some intense cyber bullying. Marino has struggled with depression for many years but the pressure and cruel words pushed on her via social media led her to quit.

I think it is important to see how social media can really effect people lives. The things you say online can really hue people and push them in a horrible direction. I could not understand how “famous” people stand the things people say to them. I get it probably helps knowing that you will never see these people of have to deal with them.  One think that bothered me was how people actually threatened Marino’s life because of her poor performance on the court. To read the whole article click here!

Michael Taylor


2 thoughts on “Rebecca Marino Quits Tenis Following Attacks on Social Media by Samantha Murphy

  1. I was interested to find out if social media bullying was the only reason why Rebecca Marino gave up her profession. As it turns out she had been dealing with depression for seven years and the cyber bullying just made it worse. I have an issue with those that cyber bully athletes, as I see it as extremely cowardly. Many fans gamble on certain sports and when it doesn’t go their way they take out their frustrations on the athletes. In this case, Rebecca had had enough and it was the last straw that pushed her into retirement. I would like to see how the cyber bullies handled it if someone went to their workplace and yelled profanities at them as they were going about their work day. Maybe Rebecca should consider travelling to their workplace and give them grief as they did to her.

    Iñaki O.

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