Oscars expand social media outreach for 85th show

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants celebrities to tweet during this years Oscars. Celebrities are going to be able to use a new social media feature that lets them take pictures backstage and post them instantly online. The feature will be called ‘magic mirror’ and will be similar to photobooth. This feature is cool because backstage is restricted from the press and photographers, so pictures are never released from behind the scenes and will give fans a more interactive experiance. I think social media is going to become part of many live events, it’s already integrated into MMA pay-per-views and Supercross races. These shows allow fans to tweet in pictures and status’ that they sometimes air on television. On another note, I read that they were creating an app for this years Oscars for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. That information is located here.

The Magic Mirror is “giving access to fans at home a part of the show they never got to experience before,” Twitter spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo said Friday.

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Tiffany Calkins


3 thoughts on “Oscars expand social media outreach for 85th show

  1. I absolutely love The Oscars! I have always been a sucker for awards shows (they’re somewhat of a guilty pleasure). Because of this, I know that it is very common for them to use social media as a way to document the event as it happens, as well as get the viewers involved. People who watch these shows can Tweet their favorite moments, as well as the celebrities who are involved. It’s a great way to not only get people to tune in, but make them feel like they’re truly a vital part of the show. I mean, without the billions of viewers, what would be the point in doing it?

    Posted by Nicole Romeo

  2. I was following the oscars via reedit, I got to see a lot of cool stuff even before they started. I think its great that social media can share these kinds of things with us. Also I have to say Reddit makes great jokes, gifs and memes about the oscars which are just as entertaining as the oscars themselves.

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