Importance of Social Media

This video expresses the importance of having social media and following it. This video is of a zombie attack, but the main character Tom has no idea that this is going on because he is connected with any kinds of social media. While he is running in his neighborhood the viewer can see the zombies attacking humans. Then he finally sees a zombie running at him, but he doesn’t really understand what is going on. The British and Russian girl is safely armed in their house watching Tom try to escape the Zombies. They are curious by the fact that tom is outside, but then remember he doesn`t have a Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Importance of Social Media

  1. This was a good break from the articles, I liked the video. Also, who isn’t addicted to The Walking Dead right now? Zombies are so in. It’s true really, news is heard first on social media. When Michael Jackson died I was one of the last to know because I didn’t have twitter. Twitter is the fastest, then facebook and then the real news. Without these online tools it’s easy to be disconnected, especially because people have the assumption that everyone else is online, too and using the resources available. It’s always odd to find a friend that doesn’t use facebook or social media, “just because” or they’re against it just for the sake of not liking the way our social interactions are moving. It’s something that is happening and we can’t fight it, we need to use it to our benefit.

    -Jordan Moore

  2. First of all, Love zombies! Also, I have always felt the same way about this issue, If you don’t have social media basically you are missing out on a lot of information that may directly relate to you, good or bad. I’m sure those who have never had a social media site don’t miss it because they have never experienced it, but if I were to delete my twitter, facebook, or Instagram, I know that I would feel as though I am missing out. Not only are they a form of entertainment, but a major source of information.

    -Jessica Kennedy

  3. This reminds me of the movie Shawn of the Dead, where he is completely oblivious to what is going on in the world for a majority of the beginning of the movie. However this is a good cinematic way of showing how important social media is. I know personally I would not know what was going on unless I saw tweets or posts on facebook about things. Being in touch with social media online can also be a way to interact with others in real life, and find similarities in conversation. I absolutely love the zombie video!

    -Lindsay LaChance

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