Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

Before you watch the video I am mainly going to comment on the first half when the man speaking is talking about perception of color.

At first, I was looking at my typical PBS Idea Channel Videos, but this video grabbed my attention because for all of us in the art world color is something we deal with on a daily bases as a means of expression. Curious on how my red could be different than YOUR red, I began watching.

Basically after watching, this video is about how we all could be seeing color differently. We know that people see color in different ways since there are many who are color blind, but this video is talking specifically about those who don’t have any problems seeing color normally…. even though we could all be seeing it differently and it just goes undetected. The main idea behind this video is that we do not know if one person sees the same color as another person does and there is no way that we can ever find out (at least not yet) what they are experiencing inside of their minds. I found this video to be interesting because it described color as more of an experience in ones mind than something physical.

Another thought about color for me as a painter has been just standing at awe at color itself. What is color? Where does it come from? What is color made out of? Why are there different colors?

All these things are great to think about an ponder, and while you’re pondering I would recommend watching the video below. It’s staring a man who has been blind from birth and it may give you a unique view point you have never heard before, and hopefully rejuvenate how amazing it is that we have the opportunity to see color & experience it. 

Both videos found on YouTube

Post By Becky Plungis (2/21/2013)


2 thoughts on “Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

  1. Interesting video on how some of us view the same color as red, but for another person their red is really a bright green. Immediately I was drawn to the video because the visual representation and the title of the post caught my eye. I found it interesting how the video asks the question; How can we know for sure that an individuals red is the same as my red? The answer is that you can’t, but as humans we should at least ask the question. I think what the video was trying to say is as humans we cant really know what others see in their minds and even though the colors are the same we should ask each other what exactly it is we are seeing.

    Iñaki O.

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