The 10 Best Design Blogs of 2012

As the world of design and art is always ever-changing, I thought it would be cool to share Paste Magazine’s top 10 blogs of 2012. Although we are well in our way into 2013, I think it is important for those who design and create to keep in touch in what is going on in the creative world. Design blogs are everywhere, and as our class blog has shown, blogs are a great way to compile articles and information pertaining to a certain topic. Some of the blogs on this list are tied to typography, geometry, package design, and other creative blogs that can stimulate certain creative parts of your mind. Blogs have evolved into being an important part of the internet, and with there being a blog for everything, it is helpful for professions to compile lists of exempluary blogs.


Posted by Lindsay LaChance


2 thoughts on “The 10 Best Design Blogs of 2012

  1. Sweet Post Lindsay! I am into graphic design too, though I am majoring in painting at Eastern. My first major was actually graphic design at my first college- anyhow- I agree with you that it’s good to keep up on the latest and greatest. All of those design blogs are sweet. I would have to say that my favorite out of the 12 were the LooksLikeGoodDesign, Typeverything, and Lovely Package. I think a major thing for me when it comes to design is always typography, a good type face and an orderly arrangement can make everything better. I like the LooksLikeGoodDesign blog a lot because its like a contemporary style of painting almost. I have never done computer illustrations but this blog makes me want to give it a go. Nice find.

    Post By Becky Plungis

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