Top 5 Most Artful Video Games | Idea Channel | PBS

The Museum of Modern Art has finally accepted video-games to be put on display in March of 2013.

In this video the makers discuss how video games are now in the MOMA-

This video isn’t discussing the idea of weather or not video games are art or not, they are simply embracing that they are in fact Art and explaining why they are, through their complexity, beauty, and evoking story behind them. They discuss video games like final fantasy 7 and how the story line in these games can evoke emotions upon the players and make them feel like they are experiencing something happen in real time. Video games can be a strongly aesthetic experience.

The makers also discuss how many pieces of great art , paintings, video games or what have you have a central theme of death.

In the end of the video the maker poses the question of whether or not we believe video games are art- personally I’ve never thought about video games being art, but I suppose that they can be classified as art. I believe videography can be art, I think of my friend Dustin who makes gorgeous videos that are simply too good to be considered anything but- so yes, I suppose video games can be considered art, and clearly they are if the MOMA will now have them on display come March.

Video Found on YOUTUBE
Get information on the video game display here

watch my friends videos!

Post By Becky Plungis


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Artful Video Games | Idea Channel | PBS

  1. Becky,

    Talk about agency! I mean would anyone, besides gamers and this guy, have considered video games as art before the MoMA invited them in? The video made a good argument and my personal opinion is, sure why not? I mean artist like Paul Chan have created animations that are visually interesting and at times interactive…

    What is the difference between contemporary artists and contemporary game designers? Both parties probably don’t get paid all that much!

    Great post,

  2. I find it interesting that video games such as Tetris and Pacman are now in the MOMA. I am curious as to how they chose these games to be displayed. The video asks the question what do I think would be a positive example to be included? I personally think that some sports games should also be included. Games such as Madden, NBA Jams, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, and Mario Cart should also be mentioned as pieces of art. I feel that Madden would be a great choice to be included because over time the game has evolved, both graphically and internally. These two factors are what I think make video games pieces of art.

    Iñaki O.

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