Lena Zak : Social media art brings virtual audiences into cyber galleries

This article is about streaming art over the internet using Skype and Twitter to have multiple people experience an exhibition in real-time. People can interact with it from around the world. The author also speaks of a new art movement that many artists are starting to cling to. Art for art’s sake, or social media popularity?

‘Unlike traditional performance art, where artist and audience are present in the space together, this approach to performance allows audiences to connect with the work remotely’

I think this idea is interesting because it can promote art to a much bigger audience. However I also believe that it is dependent on the receiver too. Meaning, it depends what type of monitor or display the person is using at home. I can understand where these artists are going, but it is not the same viewing an exhibition online versus seeing it in real life.

Having said that, this movement is still very interesting. The idea of being able to form a bigger audience is great. This movement could bring social media art to a new level.

Read entire article here.

Posted by Brian Hays


2 thoughts on “Lena Zak : Social media art brings virtual audiences into cyber galleries

  1. Nicole & Brian,

    You both posted the same article! No problem, the article is super important to our class and I am glad that the both of you discovered it and decided to repost it.

    Wow, I mean talk about radically changing the experience of performance art. It’s cool, I mean some nights I would rather stay in my pj’s and watch a performance via my personal computer rather than sitting through someone having themselves shot in a crowded gallery (Chris Burden : Shoot, 1971 http://youtu.be/JE5u3ThYyl4). However, what does this say about us as art consumers? What kind of experiences are we looking for? Further, if the article is correct and “using social media is like one long durational performance,” what is the future of performance art?

    Great post!

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