Comedy Group ‘Blogologues’ Brings the Internet to Life On Stage

Read the article by Eric Larson on

This article is an example of artists using the Internet in their work. This group of actors and actresses were theater majors that found each other and created a comedy performance company called, Blogologues. They search the Internet for interesting, performable blog posts – from anyone. They try to mix viral posts with completely random, unexposed blogs. Reading a blog post from a sad teenager going through a breakup can definitely translate into comedy when read aloud performed on stage. They use humor and the weirdness of displaying someone’s personal thoughts to strangers to get the audience to relate. They ask permission of the blogger before using the content in their performances, which is important so they don’t upset anyone that would be embarrassed (even though the content is public, most blog posts have such small reach).

There is a sample of their work embedded in the linked article that’s pretty funny. It’s called, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers” — the same title of the original bloggers post.


Post by Jordan Moore


One thought on “Comedy Group ‘Blogologues’ Brings the Internet to Life On Stage

  1. Ahhhhh I love this! So on point with our class Jordan. I mean, what I have found the most interesting about this class is how you guys (the students) are so invested in the slippage between the internet and realtime. This performance group nails it!

    Excellent work,

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