StumbleUpon drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter

If you have ever used Stumbleupon, you know how addicting it is, and how it easily passes the time; whether you mean to or not. Stumbleupon allows you to pick categories that interest you, and directs you to a page or website that you may have never found on your own. Anyone can register a page to allow stubleupon users to ‘stumble’ upon it. This article/infographic shows how Stumbleupon can be better used than Facebook or Twitter to drive traffic to a link.


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-Jessica Kennedy


2 thoughts on “StumbleUpon drives more traffic than Facebook and Twitter

  1. I honestly haven’t tried StumbleUpon but have been meaning to. It’s seems like a fantastic website, and I think I may go register tonight. Although, if you’re saying you can lose a good four hours on the site, I’m not sure I should with all this homework to do! Hahah! Except, I really think I might go register now. It’s interesting that it is getting more traffic than Facebook and Twitter, but on the other hand it seems more useful, and interesting rather than just seeing what your friends had for lunch or what they are doing right this second. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me I need a distraction.

    Tiffany Calkins

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