Social media art brings virtual audiences into cyber galleries by Lena Zak

This article I found on the CNN website is about how artists are not only using social media to promote their works of art, but are using social media as a medium itself. The article specifically referenced performance art and how artists are using social media as their subject matter and their means of getting it out there.

Performance artists around the world are now using social media platforms both as a medium and a subject matter for their work. It is acting as an integral part of how the works are shared with audiences and the meanings derived from the exchange.

“Unlike traditional performance art, where artist and audience are present in the space together, this approach to performance allows audiences to connect with the work remotely,” said curator Janis Ferberg.

If you’d like to read more, click here!

Posted by Nicole Romeo


2 thoughts on “Social media art brings virtual audiences into cyber galleries by Lena Zak

  1. I found this to be an interesting article. I often despite being being an artist find myself torn between the idea of art for art sake or art for popularity. I have never thought to use social media as a medium but im not sure how crazy I am about it as a medium. Project portal sounds very cool and I love that using technology we can bring artists together for their exhibitions. It would be interesting to see if Project portal becomes more public based allows people to see openings of galleries all over the world from their own home.

  2. Nicole & Brian,

    You both posted the same article! No problem, the article is super important to our class and I am glad that the both of you discovered it and decided to repost it.

    Wow, I mean talk about radically changing the experience of performance art. It’s cool, I mean some nights I would rather stay in my pj’s and watch a performance via my personal computer rather than sitting through someone having themselves shot in a crowded gallery (Chris Burden : Shoot, 1971 However, what does this say about us as art consumers? What kind of experiences are we looking for? Further, if the article is correct and “using social media is like one long durational performance,” what is the future of performance art?

    Great post!

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