Snapchat, a Growing App, Lets See It, Then You Don’t

Snapchat is a new app that over 60 million photos are dispersed each day and then just gone like they never existed. I have this app and love it because just like the article says you don’t have to leave photos that you don’t want everyone to see on Facebook or other sites, this is between close friends. My friends and I do this throughout the day and it is just a fun app. In my opinion it gets people to be more interactive with technology and social media. Social media sites are a good way to get involved with different things but this is just a fun way to get involved with your friends and just have some fun. The article states this, “Snapchat is being embraced as an antidote to a world where nearly every feeling, celebration and life moment is captured to be shared, logged, liked, commented on, stored, searched and sold. For people who don’t want to worry about unflattering pictures or embarrassing status updates coming back to haunt them, the app’s appeal seems obvious.” I agree with this statement because it is showing people that their photos are really gone and not online where people can search you and a picture comes up. Social media can come in many different forms thats for sure.

By: Danielle Cleaver


3 thoughts on “Snapchat, a Growing App, Lets See It, Then You Don’t

  1. I have always loved the app snap chat . I think that it is a silly crazy app that keeps friends and family connected in a funny way. It allows people to send funny photos to anyone without having a reason or meaning.

    By: Lauren Hopper

  2. To be honest, I have this app but I never use it. I take a look at the pictures some friends send me but I rarely, if ever send one back. I always thought that it would only be useful for those sending racy images to a certain someone to ensure the image couldn’t be sent to anyone else or posted to the internet. I always wondered if the picture could be screenshot? But after reading the article I have a greater understanding of its potential uses, useful for sending pictures to family and friends, having a conversation of sorts through picture messaging. I may consider using it more as another way to connect.

    -Jessica Kennedy

  3. Great article Danielle,

    This idea of impermanence and the internet is a tricky and fascinating one (as well as being the conceptual foundation to our class!). Quotes from the article like: “There is real value in sharing moments that don’t live forever,” and “People are looking to communicate in a real way,” are especially fascinating because these ideas bear a striking resemblance to conceptual art of the 1970’s and contemporary social practice and performance artworks … ie they seem to be asking similar questions: what is permanence? does art have to be permanent or can it be ephemeral?

    Further, we cannot be an internet-based art class without discussing, “The real self, as opposed to the projected self.” And we will, so I am glad your article is stirring that pot.

    Other quotes I liked from the article because it seems, at least, that the apps creators aren’t delusional about their product:

    “Nothing ever goes away on the Internet,” “We are not advertising ourselves as a secure platform,” and “It’s a communication platform. It’s not our job to police the world or Snapchat of jerks.”

    Great work,

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