Report: Twitter Now Charges $200,000 For Promoted Trends By: Seth Fiegerman

Companies who purchase a promoted trend get a customized hashtag placed at the top of the list of trending topics. Users who click on this hashtag see a tweet from that company at the top of the page of results. Big brands like Coke, Disney and Hyundai have purchased promoted trends over the years and so did both the Obama and Romney campaigns during the 2012 presidential election.

Twitter has increased how much they charge companies to buy a “promoted” trend in the from $80,000 back in 2010 to $200,000. I don’t use twitter that often so I wouldn’t know off hand how an ad like that would influence me but I feel that $200,000 is a large amount to pay just to promote your company on one social media site out of many.

read the rest of the report here! (found on Mashable)


Christina Broccoli


2 thoughts on “Report: Twitter Now Charges $200,000 For Promoted Trends By: Seth Fiegerman

  1. Oh my god, that’s such an offensive amount of money per DAY! I was thinking… okay, annually? WOW! That’s crazy. I don’t think that’s an effective use of advertising money – I personally get annoyed with the promoted advertising on twitter, I find it to be in the way and irrelevant. That’s a huge chunk of campaign money gone into twitter daily. Politics gets good exposure on social media during election times anyway, I can’t believe it would be necessary to pay $200,000 a day to get the word out that you’re running for president (we know). Not a good use of funds. But it’s really amazing to try to accept that twitter charges this amount, and companies and presidential campaigns pay the price willingly. The change in price over one year is astounding. What will it be this time next year?

    -Jordan Moore

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