Is the internet Private


do you really have a private life?.friendly Screen. youtube.

This video explains that even though you just put something on the internet to be funnyit sn`t as private as you think. This video is about how a boy that is uploading photos from a party he went to. One of his friends tried to explain that the internet isnt as private as we all think. I think that college student entering the work force have this problem. They arent sure what is okay to have up or what others can really see.  I am hoping this video will help make it clear for what is okay and what isn`t.

By Lauren Hopper


One thought on “Is the internet Private

  1. Lauren,

    Great post! I love the cartoon.

    Next time embed the video by copying and pasting the “Embed” code into your post. The Embed code can be found on the video’s youtube page under the Share tab and looks like this: .

    This is a great video, thanks for posting!

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