Artists and Digital: Why Social Media Is the New Gallery

Although this article had a bunch of separate articles and videos in it, one stood out the most to me. This one was about The Creators Project, a globetrotting art installation that’s a collaboration between IntelVice and the numerous artists whose work is represented. Users would upload photos with a #creators tag on them and this wall would feature them continuously acting as an installation exhibit. A representative from Vice recorded an overall count of over 4,000 #creators hashtags in the Brooklyn exhibit itself. I love installation exhibits, they offer so much thinking, as does a painting, but it comes across as lively and full of messages. The fact that this was a interactive installation exhibit is incredible. Involving Instagram users’ photos they’ve taken themselves makes it ten times more interesting. It’s like art of other people’s art all collaborated together to make one large art piece that is ever changing.

Other than this story itself, the other ones have some interesting ideas in them. I didn’t read much into the others so if you find anything that stands out let me know! Check out to read more into what the project was all about!

The website I found this at is: is a great resource for a lot of different things. I’m not sure if it’s only regarding social media but when I was researching for a social media related paper, a lot of my searches came up with articles on Mashable, so check out that site too!


Posted by: Lindsay Hopkins


3 thoughts on “Artists and Digital: Why Social Media Is the New Gallery

  1. Sweet post Lindsay! This exhibition sounds really sweet, I like how thousands of artists can post a photo of their work or what have you and have it on display like this. It sounds like an awesome way to get people to view your work from all over the state, and world. I wonder though if since you stated these photos are taken from instagram that if these people now own your artwork… Since Instagram owns all the photos you put on there ( yay for fine print! just like facebook does) My worry would be that the ownership rights would be taken away from the artwork you created or the photo you took. I’m not an instagram user- I don’t own an iphone but if I were and I did have the opportunity I may post, but probably not of a photo I wanted to keep the rights to or of an artwork. The idea sounds awesome though, I like the idea of a global effort to make a collaborative art piece.

    Post By Becky Plungis

  2. Lindsay, thanks for the informative post. As one of your peers pointed out, there has already been a post on this, however you brought your own twist to it and included other links — so, great addition to the ongoing conversation and be sure to skim over older posts before posting.

    Also, great response Becky.


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