A better way to manage twitter followers

How do you talk with your Twitter following and not just at them? Nestivity provides the tools to transform your account into a community. For example, your incoming tweets can became an engaging discussion sparking more involvement with your followers.  When people reply or add comments, they’re essentially tweets in which they keep adding to the discussion. With Nestivity’s dashboard, you can ask questions, post ideas and even have a number of moderators to help curate the content with the administrative tools. This will be an invaluable tool for not just for individuals but for brands who want to have a better customer service experience or even start discussions with its products via Twitter.

I found this interesting video that introduces a way to manage your twitter with a more of community twist. The idea here is instead of having more engaging conversation through twetter. So it feels more like a blog but its a twitter format.This website tool called Nestivity links to your tweeter and all of your tweets, retweets are sent here. But you can organize your tweets and even set up discussions from Nestivity to help get the feed back and ideas you want from the community via tweets.

There is a free version if any you wanted to become more connected to your followers and This website also works on mobile phones and Ipads.

The Nestivity website here

article link here


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