Mega Snow Art by Simon Beck

With the giant blizzard we just had, I thought it would be interesting to look at the works of Simon Beck, who is a 54 year old “snow artist.” When you search his name on Google, the first link that comes up is for his Facebook page. He has almost 35,000 likes and a number of pictures of his work. I thought it was interesting that someone with a talent so detailed and unique uses something as simple as Facebook to promote himself.

The article that I read on him stated..

Each creation takes around 10 hours of walking in snowshoes and covers a significant piece of frozen lake sometimes even size of 6 football fields.

How crazy is that? The designs are intricate and almost remind me of snowy crop circles. It is extremely hard for me to picture creating a piece that large without messing it up or being able to grasp the entire image.

Click here if you would like to read the article and see more of his beautiful work!

Posted by Nicole Romeo


2 thoughts on “Mega Snow Art by Simon Beck

  1. That is a great article to do for this class in my opinion. There are all different ways to show off your art and this is creative and interesting. It is amazing what people think of and create. I love art and all art forms with design this to me is so interesting. Interesting of how you can even do this without it getting messed up is crazy to think about. We did have plenty of snow thats for sure to be able to do something like this. Thats crazy the amount of time it takes to make a creation like this one you have shown.

    Danielle Cleaver

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