7 social media lessons from the Grammys for organizers of other events

If you watched the Grammys last night you may have noticed LL Cool J was prompting  social media users to use twitter to connect and interact while watching. This article by Sree Sreenivasan highlights what the Producers of the Grammys did right when promoting social media involvement.

-Jessica Kennedy


3 thoughts on “7 social media lessons from the Grammys for organizers of other events

  1. I love how one of the points is to “Be semi-obnoxious”. Honestly I think that when television shows are trying to promote twitter they ARE being very obnoxious, however I still find myself looking at the tags they’re promoting. Like the article says as well, it is very important for producers to tell the viewers what they get for connecting via social media. Posting behind-the-scenes photos and other exclusive content on Twitter definitely can show viewers that connecting online with tv shows is worth wild. Not only does this stimulate viewers to interact with the show, but getting viewers to social media sites or even the companies main site can also help their marketing plans, and stimulate viewers to look at other offers or promotions going on in the company.

    Lindsay LaChance

  2. Hey Jessica, I really enjoyed reading over the article you posted. I agree with Lindsay about how it is crazy to be semi-obnoxious. I really see where this article is coming from with the semi-obnoxious pint. I think it is definitely annoying at times but if you ever look on social media site throughout award shows like this, the trending topics are almost always topics the event is “obnoxiously” promoting. I do think this would become extremely annoying if you are not a twitter user and its something you don’t care about. I have used twitter to keep up with things I haven’t been able to watch live, so I can see why it is promoted so vigorously.
    Mike Taylor

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