Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013

I chose to do an article about avoiding social media disasters because this article was interesting to myself. I am a communications major with a focus in advertising and i love the way that advertising helps people be creative and able to express something they love to do or want to do in the world. This article was a good way to help realize what is good and bad to do with social media. Some of the topics are “Learning from Other’s Mistakes,” making people realize that by looking at other companies and seeing how they are being run can help others figure out what is going wrong with their businesses. Another topic is, “Monitoring The Media,” making sure you know what is going on in the media at all times. Lastly, “”Views are My Own” Means Nothing,” everyone shares ideas you just need to form them into something that will help your business and not take from others to help yours. This article opened my eyes to differences in the way that people view business and the world.

Here is the atricle

Posted by: Danielle Cleaver


2 thoughts on “Avoid Social Media Disasters in 2013

  1. I found this to be interesting, I agree that some people are irresponsible and I wish they wouldn’t have to ruin it for the rest of us. When it comes down to it your Facebook isn’t personal or private, it is a reflection of you that you put out into the internet world for all of your ‘friends’ to see. If you represent yourself in a positive manner you should be happy to use your page to give a potential or current employer a look at who you are.

    -Jessica Kennedy

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