Students turn to social media to find jobs

Read the complete article by Gracie Bond Staples on ajc

A particularly interesting part of social media to college students is the job search aspect that it can provide. Being in my last semester I’m trying to find new ways to use social networking to find possible jobs after graduation. A decade ago this wasn’t an option for job seekers, they just had regular networking… not the endless opportunities we have with social networking online. This article is from a radio station in Atlanta, GA which interviews a Kareem Taylor about how he used facebook in his senior year to land a career as a voice actor. It shows us how we can reach so many people with our talents online, we just need to put it out there in the right way.

Another good resource I found was this article called The Complete Guide to Getting a Job by Sudy Bharadwaj on It explains the dos and dont’s about social networking for job hunting.

Post by Jordan Moore


3 thoughts on “Students turn to social media to find jobs

  1. I’m extremely thankful for social media, especially because I am nearing graduation. I have been using social media, friends and followers on blogs and Facebook to help me locate jobs in my field. This article is reassuring that social media is indeed helping individuals find opportunities following graduation. Networking and relationships has always been a part of the job hunt, and social media is making it easier for employers to find the right employee. Many employers are not posting jobs on the traditional job hunting routes either, so good old fashion newspaper hunts and internet searches are not cutting it anymore! Many are just waiting for that perfect candidate to fill a position.
    The second link you posted is also extremely helpful, because many don’t know how to use social media to their advantage. Plus, that link will especially help me, i’m in the process of writing my cover letter/writing my resume! Thanks!

    Tiffany Calkins

  2. I really like the idea of the “job hunt” via Facebook or other social media sites, as I have talked about before I really am not much of a social media person so it is becoming more and more interesting to me to see all of the various uses for these outlets. I enjoy how we are not focusing directly on the way social media benefits or hurts artists but instead learning the diversity of how productive these sites can truly be. The idea of using Facebook as a means of finding jobs seems strange to me, but I get where it would open many opportunities and find many that we may not have ever stumbled upon. The many different topics are really rapidly opening my eyes to the many purposes social media really has.
    Mike Taylor

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