Does Nail Art Prove That Anything Can Be A Canvas for Artistic Expression?

Found on YouTube.

What this video really is getting down to is that art exists all around us. Perhaps everyone has a little big of artistic genius in them. However I wouldn’t say that painting nails is art, but it may be “artistic.” To me art is something that is meant to be permanent, something that lasts- rarely does someone make a painting in plans of destroying it, but nail polish fades, chips, and gets worn down and eventually taken off by nail polish remover- You don’t see that happening with fine artists, no one ( that I know ) intentionally destroys their work after a few days, or purposely uses a medium that will chip and get destroyed.

When the guy says,  “nail art a lot like fashion” I agree with this. Clothes and clothing choice is a temporary thing, so is nail polish. Fashion trends change all the time, for example: people buy a super awesome high fashion coat and then the next month they are out of style. Fashion much like nail polish is temporary. It is a means to express ones personal likes at that particular point in time, whereas art is something that stands the test of time. Take the Mona Lisa for example- for years people have been flocking to France to see the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre, but no one is obsessing over the nail polish they wore 30 years ago or last week for that matter.

So to answer the question the PBS Idea Channel proposed as of whether nail polish painting was an art or a craft, I would have to say craft…. the line has to get drawn somewhere, right?

Post By Becky Plungis


2 thoughts on “Does Nail Art Prove That Anything Can Be A Canvas for Artistic Expression?

  1. Becky,
    Oh man this guy again! I have become accustom to your posts of this guy and the questions he poses about art and the nature of art making. I like the questions he brought up in this video. I like your comments as well Becky; although, I would argue that art doesn’t have to be something that stands the test of time, as that would negate performance art or any sort of ephemeral art works (think Andy Goldsworthy’s sculptures, Marina Abramović’s performance, etc.).

    Nail — art? My vote is heck yeah! Why not?

    Thanks for the post,

  2. I have always been fascinated by people who can paint awesome designs on their nails. When I’ve attempted it myself, I always make a mess and the tiny details look like big globs of paint. To me, I think it is a talent that not everyone possesses and if you have the right tools to do it, then go for it! I actually know someone who specializes in nail art and promotes herself through business cards and an Instagram account. She does nails for people’s birthday parties, special occasions, and takes appointments. I think it’s a fun way to make some extra money and promote yourself in a unique way.

    Posted by Nicole Romeo

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