No, free Wi-Fi isn’t coming to every US city

An amazing story circulated today through much of the mainstream media and tech press. The US government is going to build gigantic Wi-Fi networks across the country, giving free Internet access to everyone.

Or perhaps the US would somehow force wireless providers to build these networks—in which case, it’s not clear why this amazing new Internet service would be free, unless the goal was to destroy the entire business model of both cellular carriers and Internet service providers in one fell swoop.

The headlines were literally too good to be true, and so outlandish no one should have written them in the first place. “FCC Proposes Free Wi-Fi For Everyone In The US,” Popular Science reported. “FCC wants free Wi-Fi for all,” said The Daily Caller. On Mashable, it was “Government Wants to Create Free Public ‘Super Wi-Fi’,” and Business Insider breathlessly reported, “Telecom Corporations Are Trying To Stop The Government From Offering Free ‘Super Wi-Fi'”

I had read the original article about the free wifi (here) and thought the same thing, impossible. I think it would be great to have free wireless internet basically everywhere but I didnt think just a thing was possible. Many of us all live around having an internet connection the idea of free wireless internet basically anywhere seemed like a dream come true. But sadly this was an example of bad journalism. I posted this article because if any of you had read the original I wanted you to hear the truth about the story and that I think expanding our wireless network is a important step for our nation. Which Finally ties this article back into our class, the more free internet access the stronger a roll social media has.

Here is the article about fraud headline here

and again here is the original if you missed it

Kevin McLaughlin


3 thoughts on “No, free Wi-Fi isn’t coming to every US city

  1. Wow, I wish! That would be fantastic. It’s too bad that really nothing is free, and the amount we pay for internet and cell phone plans is so outrageous. The internet is only going to become more and more important and utilized, students at all ages are required to do internet research now for projects, and it’s got to be tough on families that can’t afford it. Free universal wi-fi (or super cheap wi-fi) should be available to everyone at some point like drinking water. We’ll see I suppose. Thanks for setting the record straight, I wouldn’t want to have been getting my hopes up.

    – Jordan Moore

  2. I feel that with technology growing around the U.S. that we should have Wifi in all the cities and it should be free. Student use wifi everyday weither it is on their cell phones or doing research for school. Also, other business people use wifi to get on the internet to answer emails, and keep in connect with their company or to do any research they need for work. So maybe it will happen one of theses days.

    -Lauren Hopper

  3. Yeah, too good to be true. Plus, I feel like government Wifi would be as appealing as a government-funded gym or something. Also, when I was in Finland my friend had convinced me that the Finns had free Wifi and it was called the Angry Bird Network — also a lie.
    Great post, Kevin!


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