Social Media for Artists: Promote and Inspire

Read the full article by Christina Gleason on Ignite Social Media

This article has a good collection of artists using social media. It’s a sampling of people out there that are doing well getting recognized for their art through the internet. It’s helpful to see real examples of how artists are using social media, and the example of the conductor, Eric Whitacre, was pretty interesting. If you go to his website you can see the song mentioned in this article. He takes 3746 videos from people that submitted of themselves all singing the same song and puts it together to make a virtual choir, which is pretty ridiculous and amazing. These are the things you would never know about (and would never happen) without the Internet and social media.

Post by Jordan Moore


2 thoughts on “Social Media for Artists: Promote and Inspire

  1. I want to be honest the first reason I clicked on this post was because I thought it was from a scene in the second Batman movie. But in all seriousness I was glad I clicked on it. The virtual choir was amazing… Thats the real beauty of the internet right there. This would definitely be a site that any of us who seriously plan to use social media should try to get mentioned on. In my personal opinion though I cant say I find the website itself to be attractive as I thought it would be. Its very easy to navigate which is most important but I would like to see a more visually applying site. Again that is just my personal opinion.

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