Marketing Yourself through Social Media


This PDF on “Marketing Yourself Through Social Media” is basically a boring how to guide…. What grabbed my attention was the idea of social responsibility and what to do to avoid a disaster!


  • Would you like to see your photo, comment, tweet, video or other social media updates on the front page of your local newspaper?
  •  Would a prospective employer be impressed, indifferent or offended by your photo, comment, tweet, video or social media update?
  • Does your photo, comment, tweet, video or other social media update represent how you want others to think of you and remember you? “


Christina Broccoli


2 thoughts on “Marketing Yourself through Social Media

  1. Christina,

    Thanks for the PDF. Ahh yeah, what is OUR responsibility to OURSELVES when it comes to posting party picts, “rage tweets”, etc. ?

    Employers do check your fb. So do cops! I know a private investigator who uses fb all the time.


  2. Social media does have its advantages and It was good to see how the PDF pointed that out. From visibility, networking and developing your brand, social media has it’s place and I think it was important for the post to include this information. The positives and negatives that go along with social media all comes down to the common sense of an individual. Common sense has to prevail if an individual is going to tweet, email , and post information in any form. People have to understand their audience and realize what should or shouldn’t be appropriate. I liked how the PDF basically guides the reader on what should be posted and what shouldn’t be posted.
    In the case of Ashley Payne the teacher from Georgia, is a prime example of not knowing your audience. All students and parents have access to a computer so why would you post anything that might be questionable? Use some common sense please, even if it’s not that bad in your eyes, your audience has to be taken into consideration.
    Iñaki O.

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