JENNIFER PRESTON : Rendezvous With Art and Ardent

This article speaks of busy, young artists using social media to organize real-life meetings. These young professionals use social media to know where their real-life colleges were going, interviewing, and exhibiting.

Unlike some people who never step outside of their online Twitter streams, members of this group use the micro-blogging service to help them follow each other in real life.

This is a much more useful way of utilizing social media. Instead of just having an online persona, they use Twitter to feed them with information of where an art professional would want to be.

Entire article here.

Posted By Brian Hays


2 thoughts on “JENNIFER PRESTON : Rendezvous With Art and Ardent

  1. I think it’s a really good idea to use social media to keep everyone updated about current exhibitions and events. But I can’t help but think how unsafe that could be especially since twitter doesn’t seem to have that much privacy. The wrong kind of crowed could have access to every move you make. I guess there’s a good side and bad side to social media!


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