Woman Finds Birth Parents Through Viral Facebook Photo by Camille Bautista

This article by Camille Bautista showed the power that social media can have on a persons life. Recently I have been noticing a lot of pictures circling around Facebook saying things like “If this photo gets 1,000 likes I will go to college.” I never saw this particular photo but I thought it was a good story and worth sharing with the class.

The article explains how a woman used Facebook as an outlet to reach out and find her birth parents by posting a picture with all of her information written on a poster-board next to her. It is unreal that this was actually successful but it really shows how people see social media and Facebook especially as a tool to reach out to the public for help. To read the full article click Here

-Michael Taylor


4 thoughts on “Woman Finds Birth Parents Through Viral Facebook Photo by Camille Bautista

  1. This is a really interesting posting, this hits home for me because I have never my my biological father, I’ve attempted to search him on Facebook but I never come up with anything. Although I would like to meet or talk to him I don’t think I would go to the lengths that Jennessa went. It does show how powerful of a network Facebook has, In a sense we are connected to everyone all over the world that has an account, and all it takes is a little networking to find someone.

    -Jessica Kennedy

  2. Thanks for the posts Mike and Jessica.

    Mike’s post reminded me of the It Gets Better video project (www.itgetsbetter.org). This project is an online video community, with some pretty famous contributers, creating videos in response to LGBTQ kids who committed suicide due to bullying. Projects like this or the woman finding her birth parents reminds us that the internet is not only a place for LOLcats but also a location for real connection.

    Good stuff.

  3. Wow great post, Michael.
    This is a really awesome story that shows how the internet is an amazing tool. Probably one that our ancestors would view as something miraculous, and it certainly was that case in this girls life. Definitely a huge wake-up call that we are extremely blessed to be in touch with such an amazing resource connecting us with people all around the world. Without the internet this girl may have never found her parents. So happy this girl was able to find her mother & connect with her.
    Thanks for sharing such an encouraging story with us.


  4. I see these kind of post all the time. I think that it is great that a social media can be used for sharing this kind of information that can change peoples lives. The girl who posted this didn`t have that much information, but she was still able to find her mother because it was shared and liked so many times. This picture has more than 160,000 shares. This just shows how news can travel through the internet faster with social media than any other way.

    Lauren Hopper

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