Instagram: should I stay or go?

“When the social networking service announced plans to sell users’ photos to third parties, there was an outpouring of anger. But still I’m in two minds whether to scrap the app.” – Sarah Phillips


Sarah Phillips brings up the issue of ownership of  pictures posted via Instagram. This app has become a very popular social media site consisting of only pictures, which can be sold without your knowledge or monetary payment. I struggled with the thought of deleting my account because of this issue that came up when Facebook bought the company recently. Read the full article here.


Jessica Kennedy



2 thoughts on “Instagram: should I stay or go?

  1. Jessica,
    Thank you for posting, I have been meaning to read up on this as I’ve been thinking about “scrap[ing] the app.”

    I think it is important to know that facebook already owns everything you post, so artists should avoid posting their works on facebook in general.

    Good work,

  2. I think that even though it does not seem “fair” for a company to “own” what you publish on their social media sites, it does not effect me as a instagram user at all. I do not believe that most people use instagram as a way to promote their works, but instead use it to document their life in photos. Like the article states, Instagram is a bit of a “lifestyle” as it is a way to creatively look through the eyes of a friend, colleague, or celebrity. I also agree with the article when it insists that due to the fact the app is free, it comes at the cost of making yourself the product. I think it is a personal preference, I do not post anything in which I would want to make commercial or sell as a product or invest in, therefore I do not mind using the app. I believe instagram is a wonderful way to express yourself through visual images and is a huge stepping stone in social media.

    Lindsay LaChance

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