Catfish: The Untold Story of Facebook

“Because interactions that occur via a screen often lack face-to-face cues such as gestures, gaze, voice, and other body language cues, online communication may be less rich than traditional face-to-face interactions.”

Catfish is a documentary is based on social media, FaceBook specifically, and how relationships can be formed. Catfish began as a TV series revealing a different instance of deception via FaceBook, then was made into a documentary movie. The documentary involves a young man (Nev) being filmed by his brother (Ariel) and friend (Henry) as he engages in a romantic relationship with a young woman (Megan) on the social networking website, FaceBook. Megan is actually someone using FaceBook to live out her online fantasy, and is not real. Nev uses the internet to find all of the fabricated personalities that Megan created all over the internet.

According to, a catfish is “someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deception online romance.”

I just thought this was extremely relevant to our project, I haven’t actually check out this movie yet, just read the article pertaining to it. I plan on watching it sometime this week or checking out the TV series.

Read Full Article Here.


Posted by Tiffany Calkins


3 thoughts on “Catfish: The Untold Story of Facebook

  1. YES! I have been watching this show on and off and I honestly find it insane! I don’t understand how people are so trusting and willing to believe someone they have never met. I think that it is interesting that you decided to post something relevant to our upcoming project, I was thinking about our project the other day while watching the show. When reading the full article I found this particular quote interesting, “Almost everything has changed since the dawn of the Internet. Things get done faster, information is transferred with little delay, and long-distance communication is more convenient.” This just stuck me as kinda the essential element of what the Internet is, it is easy, fast, and more convenient for many daily tasks.
    Mike Taylor

  2. This story caught my attention as well because I saw the documentary a while ago. Now the show has just started and I have also been watching. The thing I find most interesting about the internet, texting, and social media as a whole, is that it has changed the way people begin/end/view relationships. Even when a relationship starts face to face in “real life,” new arguments within that relationship can arise because of internet or texting. It is so easy to do and say what you want, that people often think there are no consequences. In this case, with Catfish, people take everything on the internet as being “true” and don’t really see what they could be getting into. ANYONE can create an account, so it’s scary to think that some people actually fall for these fake profiles.

    Posted by Nicole Romeo

  3. haha I sort of love that you quoted!

    I have to watch this show now. Yes, what a great article for our project. Keep up the good work!

    Nice comments Nicole & Mike.

    The crazy thing about all of this is that real people use the internet too. We have facebooks, are we catfish[es]? No, well … maybe.


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